Are you searching for crowdfunding supporters?

In case you are (pre-)launching your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign the names of those who regularly fund similar campaigns are at most important. It is recommended to choose between two options, i.e. (1) either to find a reliable service provider who would spread the word about your campaign via various media in the sector and on the markets you would prefer the most or (2) to find and use a reliable source of information by yourself.

In case, you would like to run the campaign by youself, I recommend you to use the “Krowdster” tools, among others,

  • Crowdfunding Backer Directory with the world’s largest database of backers and super backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In addition, selected users from any category in Backer Directory can be used also in your Twitter Marketing campaign.
  • Media Lists which can be individually compiled for you based on your selected criteria, e.g. media type, country (UK/US) and keywords. While the media lists of Krowdster are limited to the US and UK market, we at WOTRA can  spread the word among European and South-Eastern European countries media.
  • Press Release Distribution across US media sites covered by Krowdster services, EU and South-Eastern European market covered by WOTRA services.
  • Viral Contest launching to reach drastically higher social media-driven subscription levels.

As it is evident from the above WOTRA can offer additional range of services on the top of those available via Krowdster. Even more, we at WOTRA offer a range of services to those who would like to promote products and services for various purposes and markets, and in varoius commercialisation stages. Which practically means, that we can help you not only with your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign but also in the process of marketing and sales, especially on EU market and in South-Eastern European countries.

Follow the Krowdster links above or contact WOTRA office for more details about WOTRA services.