Develop, improve or expand your online shop ecosystem

We help you develop or improve your online shop ecosystem in 6 phases as seen from the infograph below.

Our approach to the development of the ecosystem of modern online shop combines knowledge from strategic management, information technology, internationalization of business, partnership management, and marketing and sales. Moreover, in a 6-phase process we take into account even 9 key areas that are recommended by us to be developed and coordinated at the same time for achieving the most optimal results, among others, the area of “FinTech” industry, diversified integrations with other solutions outside of your business system, legislative and regulatory framework, collaborative partnership forms etc. Where necessary, we deal with both, i.e. traditional and digital marketing channels, and we propose measures for synchronized interaction between them. It is also necessary to emphasize that when using modern approaches a complex ecosystem of diverse relationships, connections, technology tools and solutions is developed, which requires a good knowledge of characteristics of individual elements of the modern ecosystem and their systematic and professional management.

Our approach is different from others also in terms of the entry point of our intervention. This means that regardless of what business you are in and where you are positioned in the development process “from idea to market”, we can enter the business process and gradually move you to sales through innovative collaborative business models, diversified marketing and sales channels and by using modern technology tools and solutions. Therefore, in the first place, we are strategic advisers, mentors and connectors of different areas of expertise needed for the development of your business ecosystem, which at a certain stage overcomes traditional framework and develops the specific characteristics required by individual marketing and sales channels, especially online ones.

Such a complex process requires, on the one hand, strong support from the management of the client and their long-term commitment to build a business and online ecosystem and, on the other hand, a multidisciplinary team of experts and advisory-development partners who can participate both in the individual development phase as well as in a post-development period.

In case you want to renew or improve the sale of an existing online shop or to expand sales through various channels and markets, or even to develop a new and more advanced one, do not hesitate to contact us or ask for free online consultation.