Digital Economy


Digital economy includes a wide range of business activities, since digitalisation is carried out in several layers, all sectors, and both in the business, public and private or home environment. Digitalisation is omnipresent in business operations and private life, and it at the same time breaks the classical educational, service, production, financial, legal, organisational, management, decision-making, marketing, sales, communication and other business models, systems, sub-systems, methodologies and tools.


Our advisory services in the field of digital economy are multi-layered too.


On the one hand, we advise organisations about the possible changes or improvements delivered by modern digital solutions, which would give organisations competitive advantages, increase their visibility and credibility among the existing and potential buyers, decrease costs, increase transparency of operations or introduce new innovative business models.


On the other hand, we advise developers and holders of digital solutions to be able to obtain development funds, better understand the needs of business systems, establish strategic partnerships and potential interconnectivity of individual solutions and/or establish partnership, marketing and sales strategies.


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The digital economy and the European Commission’s support available for companies for the commercialization of exceptionally innovative products and/or services on the European or global market

  Written by Irena Rezec  |  June 11, 2016   The new programme period (2014-2020) of Horizon 2020, the European research and development programme, has given companies new opportunities, which were not included in the previous programme periods. Among the changes, I would like...

The latest from WOTRA Focus portal

Systematic Partnership with Collaboration Strategies and Building Collective Intelligence

  Written by Irena Rezec  |  June 29, 2016   Advanced levels of partnership and collaboration require consideration as regards the potential of collective intelligence. One of the predispositions for building collective intelligence is a systematically prepared multilevel part...

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