Every company wants to sell its products and services on foreign markets, but only a few of them manage to succeed on foreign markets, and even fewer on remote markets. What are the factors delivering success on foreign markets? Is it enough to have an excellent product or service at a favourable price or do we need more? We advise on business internationalisation strategies from various points of view, in all development phases of a product, i.e. from the idea, the development of a product, and to the marketing, sales and partnership strategy, as well as about the methodologies and tools that are often used in the internationalisation process. We are focused on the collaborative models or partnership strategies, which can best contribute to the successful operation on foreign markets, as well as on the diversity of sales channels.


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Are you ready to export?

In case you want our help in launching a product or service on foreign market, our first step will be devoted to an analysis of your current readiness of entering the individual target market. Based on the information obtained through the questionnaire and through other ways of information exchange we will recommend further steps.

Further steps may relate either on your internal processes, relevant standards and certificates, pricing policy, sales channels and networks, and other areas that have a significant impact on the market success.

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User, functional and technical aspects of the product or service

Production, packaging and distribution

Marketing and Sales

The process of ordering and purchasing conditions
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