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Through our individual and group trainings, mentorship, consultations and other business events, including collaboration with Slovenian and foreign partners if necessary, you will obtain new knowledge and get an insight into best practices. In addition to regular training programmes and other events presented on this website, we can analyse and prepare a training and/or mentorship programme specifically for you, and select the most suitable training method or a combination of several methods. You can choose between classical group programmes, individual training in a company or for a company, web seminars and consultations, business games and simulations, study visits in Slovenia and abroad, etc.


Training programmes can be independent or, in the event of more complex topics, modular, composed of several modules. In cooperation with our partners, we can organize events in various languages and countries.


In order to stay up-to-date with the trends concerning professional contents and training methods, we occasionally join European and other education and research projects where we, in collaboration with foreign partners, analyse and/or develop new tools and programmes, exchange experience and test new training methods for various target groups, business fields and business purposes.


Regular Training Topics

The following regular training topics are offered:


Title Remarks
Collaborative and Partnership Business Practices more info
Collaborative Business Relationships Management and ISO 44001 more info
Relationships between the Principal and its Agents and Distributors - a careful planning, management and nurturing is needed more info
Diversity of Sales Channels - traditional and/or online sales channels and traditional and/or innovative collaborative business models more info
Characteristics and Ecosystem of a Modern Online Shop more info

Online Social Media, Networks and Tools - strategies of online social identity building

more info
Management and Business Trends - the impact of the digital economy on management and business more info

Please, track the announced trainings on our WOTRA Focus - Development Navigator portal. In case you are interested in our training topics and the dates of trainings are not announced in your country, please contact us and let us express your interest. You will be notified when the training of your interest is announced. Optionally, you can contact us and discuss the custom-made training possibilities. You may also wish to be an organiser of our trainings listed above in your country or city. Do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Custom-made Training

Customized training can be organized based on a preliminary analysis of the situation and needs of the client.


Depending on an individual client, training can be carried out as follows:


  • for several topics in collaboration with our partners;
  • in several consequent time periods;
  • for one participant or several internal groups of participants;
  • at a location of client’s selection and/or in a combination with distance learning, consulting and mentoring; and
  • combined with training, consulting, mentoring and coaching.

For more information about customized training call us during office hours or complete the »Enquiry Form«.


Follow the announcement of events with more details about our programmes on our portal WOTRA Focus - Development Navigator or subscribe to WOTRA Focus – eNews and we will regularly inform you about the upcoming trainings and events organized by us and/or our partners.



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