Export of food and beverages to the English and Irish markets

As part of our services related to the internationalization of business, we have spent a lot of time in recent years researching and collecting information on the possibilities of exporting food products and beverages to other European markets, especially to the English and Irish markets. In particular,

the English market is recognizable as one of the world markets (even as the world market No. 1) for food products

A large consumer base with good purchasing power (e.g. around 65 million people in the UK, who spend an average of 11% of the family budget* on food and beverages) and at the same time a great reference or starting point for entering the US, Arab and Asian markets convince a high number of producers from all over the world to make every effort to enter the English and consequently also the Irish market. Both markets are very demanding, both due to the large number of competitors and due to the customers requirements in terms of quality, less processed, natural or even organic products, new flavors, packaging design, innovative marketing approaches, fast delivery when ordering online etc. Sales channels are also very demanding, being traditional (e.g. distributors) or online and larger or smaller once. It is very helpful if producers have obtained one of the more demanding standards, such as BRC, IFS or ISO22000 and/or if they have already checked the quality and desirability of the products through various competitions and received an award or recognition for one or more of their products.

– under preparation –


* Food Statistics Pocketbook 2016

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