We provide consulting, training, mentorship and other services related to business development and growth on the local and international markets. Our advantage is our interdisciplinary approach and well-established partnership network. In addition to this, we have an advantage due to our good understanding of state-of-the-art business tools, technologies and business models.

By choosing a specific service you can access more information about the topic and service of your interest.

Sales Channels

There is a large number of sales channels and related tools available. We help you to diversify your channels in order to increase your growth.

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Allocate a portion of your capital to precious metals and protect your wealth, ensure liquidity, and maintain long-term stability in the face of economic challenges.

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Go International

We support you in entering new markets at any stage of your development cycle. Based on your target markets readiness level we suggest further steps.

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Go Digital

Digitalisation includes a wide range of activities and it is omnipresent. We support you in understanding modern digital trends and developing and using modern solutions.

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Be Financed

We advise you on the possibilities of financing your project, what strategies to choose and how to prepare the project to meet the criteria of an individual financial source.

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Make Partnerships

Competing with your unique collaborative business models should be your top strategic priority. We can help you find your strengths through partnership models.

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Based on the type of product/service, desired markets and target groups, we can identify a number of promotional and communication channels and approaches.

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Sell on Amazon

We help you set up sales on Amazon. Based on your preferences, we take over the management of the entire project or train and mentor your employees.

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