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One of the key questions asked by all types of organisations and individuals refers to the financing of development projects. There are several options, yet only few organisations and individuals meet the conditions to obtain funds despite there being many providers of funds. Our advisory services relate primarily to European funds and strategic partnerships and/or private funds invested by private investors in perspective development projects. We advise on the options available to finance your projects, the strategies to take and the method you should take on to prepare your projects for any of the selected options.

Depending on the client’s requirements for private and/or public financing, we check and evaluate the existing situation both on the client’s side and with regard to financing options and opportunities. Based on this, we prepare a support plan, which can take the form of consulting and mentoring over a certain period of time and/or in the form of online training modules.

If necessary, we co-operate with legal, financial and other domestic and foreign experts.

Among Our Services

We provide the following professional services to our clients:

  • help with realising your project ideas in accordance with the strategic development objectives of a certain organization;
  • identifying appropriate EU programmes and, if necessary, finding additional funding sources;
  • help with preparing project documentation that complies with conditions of the call and/or demands of other funding options;
  • project planning, management, monitoring and controlling project implementation;
  • professional advice about using the most suitable information sources, software and techniques throughout the process of preparing, implementing and monitoring a project;
  • integrating a certain project idea or subject matter into an organization’s strategy and vision and establishing links with local and foreign partners and experts;
  • developing and implementing a strategy for marketing project results.

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Trainings about European and other grants are only organized for closed groups on the request of an individual client. This means the content and duration are agreed with each client individually. We can alone or in collaboration with partners organize a half-day, one-day or a several-day seminar in the form of lectures and workshops at a location determined by the client and/or in combination with web seminars and consultations. At the client’s request this is often followed by mentoring during the preparation of the application file. Our main goals of such trainings, i.e. to teach clients to start thinking about projects independently, to know how to define them correctly as well as prepare and manage them, is thus achieved.

For more information contact us by telephone or via the »Enquiry Form«.

Among our clients who ask for our support in searching for private and/or public funds are clients from different countries, from the private and public sectors as well as membership-based organizations (e.g. Chambers of Commerce). Our clients are looking for various financial resources for their development projects and activities in the sectors of information technology, tourism, business support, healthcare, renewable energy, regional and local development, etc.

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