Based on the type of product/service, desired markets and target groups, we can identify a number of promotional and communication channels (e.g. events and awards, review platforms, social and other media, etc.) and approaches (e.g. content marketing & sponsored articles, community building). At the same time, we advise the client on choosing the most suitable combination of channels and approaches, as well as how to manage each channel. In addition, we also advise on development of personal brands of the management team members and the integration of the management team members into appropriate international business networks, depending of course on the desired target markets and target groups.

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Among Our Services

In relation to promotion and communication, we also offer consulting services tailored to individual customers, among others:

  • reviewing the existing promotion & communication strategy and making suggestions for improvements;
  • designing and developing a promotion & communication strategy for an individual client, taking into account the diversity of channels, a particular purpose, product or service group, a target market and/or target group;
  • designing and developing personal brands of management team members;
  • taking over a community and social media management and other activities related to the promotino and communication for all or a single market, and for all or for a particular  channel;
  • support in building your community; and
  • any other related services.

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In our work we come into contact with numerous companies offering various semi-products, products and services that are intended for sale to commercial entities (B2B), final consumers (B2C) and/or to the public sector (B2G) through public procurement procedures. Many of these companies’ products and services are not ready in the shape or form that is suitable or appropriate for marketing abroad, namely due to a lack of certificates, unfulfillment of standards, unsuitable price policies, unsuitable packaging, competitiveness regarding the design and functionality of the product or service, in addition to many other reasons. Even companies themselves often do not have the proper internal organisation or have inexperienced staff when it comes to selling on foreign markets.

With the rise in online sales, online social media and analytical tools for monitoring sales and visitor behaviour on websites, marketing and sales have become significantly more complex. Today, that means that in addition to the traditional sales channels, there are a large number of possible online marketing, advertising, and sales channels, as well as a wide selection of associated software tools available.

Our trainings reveal various aspects of marketing and sales in the international context.

Courses on “Marketing and Sales” are developed modularly, separately by individual types of communication and sales channels, by product or service groups, by individual markets and/or by other criteria and received companies suggestions. We therefore recommend various courses (currently we offer only online courses), online consultation and mentorship related to the “Marketing and Sales”, among others:

  • Diversity of Marketing and Sales Channels;
  • Characteristics and Ecosystem of a Modern Online Shop and how to develop good online sales;
  • Selling on Amazon;
  • Personal Brand Development;
  • various specific courses on marketing and sales channels dedicated to an individual sector (e.g. food, wood, software solutions, printing industry etc.);
  • various courses related to the partnership strategies and collaborative business models used in the marketing and sales process or even before, i.e. in the product’s/service’s development phase; and
  • any courses on specific requirements of our clients.

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Among our clients who ask for our support are clients from different countries, from the private and public sectors as well as membership-based organizations (e.g. Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Crafts, etc.). Our clients are looking for solutions on how to improve the efficiency of existent channels and expand their marketing and sales channels across various diverse channels and countries in the sectors of information technology, tourism, food, wood, printing sector, healthcare, renewable energy, etc.

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