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Every company wants to sell its products and services on foreign markets, but only a few of them manage to succeed on foreign markets, and even fewer on remote markets. What are the factors delivering success on foreign markets? Is it enough to have an excellent product or service at a favourable price or do you need more? We advise on business internationalisation strategies from various points of view, in all development phases of a product and/or service, i.e. from the idea, the development of a product, and to the marketing, sales and partnership strategy, as well as about the methodologies and tools that are often used in the internationalisation process. We are focused on the collaborative models, partnership strategies and diverse sales channels, i.e. all what can best contribute to the successful operation on foreign markets.

We support you in entering new markets at any stage of your development cycle. Based on your target markets readiness level we recommend you the most appropriate go-to-market strategy and related further steps.

In case you want our help in launching a product or service to new markets, our first step will be devoted to the analysis of your target markets readiness. Based on the information obtained through the questionnaire and through other ways of information exchange we will recommend you the most appropriate go-to-market strategy and related further steps.

Further steps may related either on your internal processes, relevant standards and certificates, pricing policy, sales channels and networks, partnership models and other areas that have a significant impact on the market success. More details on our services are evident from below.

Among Our Services

We can offer you the following consulting services:

  • through a questionnaire and online or face-to-face meetings, we analyze your current readiness level to enter an individual market and prepare (1) a comprehensive go-to-market strategy or, depending on your needs, only individual segments of the strategy, e.g. (2) recommendations for further steps in order to meet basic and additional criteria for entering an individual market, (3) a proposal for using the best mix of diverse marketing and sales channels with information on the conditions of entry into an individual marketing and sales channel as well as recommendations on approaches to individual channels, and more based on your specific needs and preferences;
  • consulting in building a brand and online social identity in an individual market;
  • we can fully take over the organization, development and management of your sales and/or other partner network;
  • we suggest appropriate methodologies and tools for effective relationship management with your sales and/or other partners;
  • other related services.

Innovations in services in combination with collaborative business models and the digital economy also bring major changes in entry strategies to foreign markets and sales channels. This means that when selling products and services, a company can choose between traditional and/or digital sales channels and between traditional and/or innovative collaborative business-sales models. A wide range of possibilities for the use of diverse sales channels requires the company to regularly monitor novelties on the market, especially in the field of collaborative business approaches, new business tools and the regularly available new online marketing and sales channels. Consequently, the company needs to be constantly trained for using new tools and business models to be able entering new markets successfully.

Through our online or other forms of training and mentoring meetings, participants are introduced to a large number of market-entry possibilities and for the gradual introduction of modern international marketing and sales channels as well as business models in their own international business practice.

We develop training programmes modularly, separately by individual types of communication or marketing and sales channels, by individual groups of products and services, by individual markets and/or on the basis of other criteria and initiatives received from companies.

Follow our training calendar regularly or view a list of already recorded webinars. You can read also our professional articles or find recommeded guidelines and books on our website. However, in case you have specific training or mentoring needs, do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange training and/or mentoring programme tailored to your needs.

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