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Amazon records high growth each year in terms of the number of sellers and buyers as well as in terms of a turnover generated from sales. Also companies that have observed amazon only with the side eye must admit that sales on the amazon should no longer be ignored.

Sales methods on Amazon’s marketplaces vary depending on the strategy, the type of products and the capabilities of individual companies.

Among Our Services

As regards your sales on the Amazon’s marketplaces, we offer consulting, mentoring, coordination and management services tailored to your needs, including:

  • assistance in planning, preparation and implementation of sales on amazon;
  • management of your Amazon account on your behalf;
  • coordination and/or management of your internal and external expert groups involved in the design, preparation and implementation of the “amazon” project on your behalf;
  • mentoring your team during the preparatory and implementation activities of your “Amazon” project.

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We offer several variations of the training, from basic to the advanced courses and our clients are able to choose the online, on-site or a combination of both locations.

The basic training is meant for producers and others who normally already sell their products via other channels and they would like to extend their sales to the amazon (especially to the European amazon). It is fully customised to the individual client’s product range and target countries. We will cover several topics, among others: why is important to start selling on Amazon, how to deal with possible conflicts with already established other sales channels and what are possible solutions, how to decide about the most appropriate way of selling on Amazon, what types of products to sell, how to decide about the pricing, how to prepare products and products description for amazon, what does it mean to manage daily operations related to amazon, and more. The basic training programme will help producers and other sellers to understand the amazon related business, decide about the most appropriate strategy, plan activities and estimate needed resources.

The advanced training course is a step-by-step online mentoring offered in the process of preparation of products for amazon and during first amazon selling steps. The programme is fully customized to the specific needs of each client. We recommend to proceed first with our basic training course.

Entering European Amazon marketplace is prepared for non-EU producers and sellers wishing to enter EU amazon marketplaces.

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Our European and non-EU clients are

  • producers of branded and white-labeled consumer goods, high-quality food, cosmetics and others;
  • authors and self-publishers of books; and
  • others.



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