You will receive 2-pages long report on current traditional and/or online marketing and sales channels improvements and recommendations on new possible channels to be introduced in order to increase your sales.

Notes: After your order you will be asked to provide us with information related to your current marketing and sales channels. Please read more details in information provided below.

Before we can propose you improvements and/or new channels we would need some details from you. You will be asked for sending required information to us after you process your order.

There are three packages available (basic, standard and premium one). This basic 2-pages long package will include major recommendations for improvement of your current channels (1 page) as well as the list of proposed new channels (1 page) to be used in order to increase your sales on your target markets with focus on EU and/or UK markets. Please, contact us n case you need our support in other markets.

Delivery time: The report in pdf format will be delivered in 4 days after receiving required information from you.

Some channels are more demanding and you must meet several conditions to enter them. You may already have troubles entering successfully one or another market and/or channel. In this case, we recommend that you also order our online consultation.

What kind of information are required before you start executing my order?
How detailed information should I send?
In what language can I send required information?
In what language will you prepare the report?