2,700.00  excl. VAT

We invite you to join the international CollaboVentures network. The gold CollaboVentures business membership is open for organizations, companies and individual entrepreneurs, who want cheaper access to WOTRA’s and WOTRA partners’ services and other benefits that are related to the gold business membership. These benefits can be used by members during the active one-year membership period. Membership is automatically renewed every year unless cancelled.

Gold CollaboVentures business members are entitle for:

  • 48 hours of consulting services annually (including with the online consulting if requested) related to WOTRA consulting areas;
  • access to advanced business-related content available online and/or disseminated via periodical CollaboVentures eNews (e.g. information on relevant EU funding and other business opportunities, etc.).
  • promotion of individual member and its projects, products and/or services (1-time monthly) using WOTRA social media channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram);
  • 1-page membership presentation in the CollaboVentures directory and promotion of the network with its members internationally;
  • additional discounts for services and products (if available); members will receive discount codes when discounts are available;
  • members will be updated on other benefits on a regular basis.

These benefits can be used by members during the current membership period. All memberships renew automatically unless they are canceled. However, the unused benefits from the previous membership period are not transferred to the next membership year.