675.00  incl. VAT

We invite newly established, not more than 1 year old start-ups to join the international CollaboVentures platform at a very affordable price.
The green CollaboVentures business membership is open for new start-ups in their first year of operations, who want cheaper access to the WOTRA’s and WOTRA partners’ services and other benefits that are related to the green business membership. These benefits can be used by members during the current one-year membership period. Membership is automatically renewed every year unless cancelled.

Green CollaboVentures business members are entitle for:

  • 12 hours of online consulting annually (per business member, i.e. a company) related to WOTRA consulting areas in the form of individual online counsulting provided via Zoom, Skype or other online calling tool;
  • publication of one one-month advertisement yearly on the “WOTRA Focus – Development Navigator” portal in pre-selected available languages (currently available languages: Slovenian, Croatian, English); members receive instructions for preparing the ads after their membership is confirmed;
  • access to all WOTRA’s online live and pre-recorded webinars;
  • access to all WOTRA partners’ online live and pre-recorded webinars (if available) at discounted prices;
  • access to advanced closed content (only for CollaboVenture members and subscribers of advanced content) on the “WOTRA Focus – Development Navigator” portal. Members will access advanced content upon registration on the portal. Members will receive one-year access credentials after their membership is confirmed;
  • additional discounts for services and products (if available); members will receive discount codes when discounts are available;
  • members will be updated on other benefits on a regular basis.