Systematic Partnership with Collaboration Strategies and Building Collective Intelligence

Advanced levels of partnership and collaboration require consideration as regards the potential of collective intelligence. One of the predispositions for building collective intelligence is a systematically prepared multilevel partnership and collaboration strategy, which among other things determines the potential of individuals, companies and organisations in an individual network (where possible including a region) or outside it, as well as the processes and rules of exchanging intelectual capital.

There are many questions on this topic, including:

  • Collective intelligence from which connected individuals or members would draw collectively generated knowledge or intelligence, has developed in rare examples of partnership and collaboration. What are the reasons for this?
  • Could a systematically and smartly built collective intelligence and access to such intelligence become the main future competitive development factor for individuals, companies, networks or even regions?
  • Who are the initiators and main holders of collective intelligence development?
  • How is collective intelligence applied in partnership and collaboration models?
  • What kind of knowledge and tools are required to build collective intelligence?
  • What is the level of collective intelligence in industrial and entrepreneurial clusters as well as in other networks and how is it measured?
  • Can the level of collective intelligence be an indicator of the level of obtained trust in a network or an indicator of the level of individual network’s maturity?

Collective intelligence building requires multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge, collaborative business models and approaches, digitalization of business operations and other conditions which allow the growth of collective intelligence.