Testimonials 1

We are very satisfied with the cooperation and advice received from the company WOTRA (Slovenia) and WOTRA Universe (UK). We started to cooperate in our European Amazon marketplace penetration, and later on we expanded our cooperation in setting up a collaborative business ecosystem and penetrating our products in the UK market. On the basis of successful collaboration and opening of the Amazon i9living store, we recommend the company WOTRA as well as the WOTRA Universe for above mentioned services also to other companies and investors.

Hrvoje Bosiljevac
i9 d.o.o. and i91422 UK Ltd

The Youth Health Resort Rakitna is dedicated to the mental health of children and youth. In this regard, we perform unique integrated therapeutic programmes for children, youth and their families. For the purpose of introducing modern therapeutic programmes, we also search for grants. We also looked for financial support for our unique therapy programme entitled “Psychotherapy with horses at Rakitna”. The company WOTRA reminded us of the aid instrument called “Norwegian and EEA Financial Mechanisms” and supported us in preparing the application. The project was approved, and the acquired funds have significantly helped us in the introduction of psychotherapies with horses, which are now in our regular offer.

Romana Rasperger
DirectorDirector, Youth Health Resort Rakitna

The Vâlcea Chamber of Commerce and Industry has got the status of the Euro Info Centre. This is the result of our successful bid at the European Commission – DG Enterprise’s tender and a strong support of Slovenian company WOTRA and her Managing Director Ms Irena Rezec. The WOTRA supported us in a phase of preparation of the tender application where the high level of professionalism of WOTRA was shown. We have been developed very good working relationships and we are looking forward to further co-operation in the future.

Valentin Cismaru
PresidentPresident, Vâlcea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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