WOTRA Overview

We offer services in various forms which are strategically important for your growth as well as for sustainable collaborative and partnership relationships. Consequently, all contribute also to the general well-being of society.

WOTRA is a globally oriented company performing a wide range of services for the private and public sectors as well as for business support organisations.

WOTRA’s activities can be classified in several main groups of services, among which are services connected with:

  1. internationalisation of businesses or providing help to companies when entering foreign markets;
  2. introduction of innovative collaborative and other business models and looking for strategic and other partners in all developmental phases of the company or an individual product and/or service and in all business situations;
  3. establishment and management of business networks and other types of business collaboration and partnerships (clusters, strategic alliances, sales and distribution networks, consortiums, clubs, associations, cooperatives…);
  4. obtaining of funds for innovative projects either from European and other grants or from private resources;
  5. development of business support ecosystems and regional or local economic development services;
  6. world promotion, marketing and sales;
  7. development of ICT, information, knowledge and intelligence-based services and tools for all the above mentioned domains;
  8. monitoring of future trends for all the above mentioned domains.

A typical feature of all the above mentioned main groups of activities is that we take a comprehensive approach to them. This means that our offer of these services includes training and mentoring, legal advice, marketing and sales, the development of new business models and tools, the identification and/or initiation of the development of suitable new IT solutions, research, publishing, etc.

We cooperate with companies and individuals who supplement and enrich our range of services. Our clients are companies and creative individuals, chambers of commerce, local and regional business centres and others. We have clients and partners from Slovenia, Belgium, Croatia, Romania, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and other countries.

Our Main Development Challenges

Today’s trend of

a “connected world of everything and everyone from everywhere

will initiate many changes and many challenges.

We see our challenges in developing and spreading appropriate types of business, leadership, management, organisational, research and business support models, methods and tools. All these in such a way as to create added value for one or more of our target groups to enable them to survive, win and even enjoy the world complexity, diversity and heterogenity.

We can learn enormously from the newly shaped connected world, and we can overcome many of today’s problems by combining purposes and talents with processes and technology.

We believe, global knowledge and the development of a collaborative culture will bring
a better and more balanced world.

Our goal is to contribute to this with all our knowledge, experience, intelligence and a positive spirit.

Our Values

Our values are reflected in:

  • how we treat our customers and users of our services;
  • how we handle our employees and how we behave towards our co-workers;
  • how we behave towards our partners;
  • our continuous aiming to provide high-quality, professional and integral services;
  • our orientation to co-operate with and link together individual areas, companies, persons and/or entrepreneurial, project and interest groups;
  • applying rules of business ethics in every aspects of our work;
  • respecting different cultures and religions;
  • honouring privacy.

It is our intention to create an environment of mutual trust and develop long-term relationships with our customers, employees, collaborators and partners; that is why satisfaction of our clients, employees, collaborators and partners is always in the heart of our endeavours.

Offering wholesome, professional and high-quality services calls for an interdisciplinary expertise and know-how that can truly find expression only when applied in a creative atmosphere that encourages innovativeness, entrepreneurship, team and project work, responsibility as well as co-operation and linking up of WOTRA internal and external or Slovenian and foreign experts.

The interests of our clients are always represented in the most professional way and their privacy is protected at all times. We respect the difference of business interests, different cultures and religions, while looking for the common denominators that guarantee business success of all partners involved.

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