The activities evident on our website and that we have carried so far show that we have cooperated in a large number of different advisory projects worldwide since the establishment of our company. We have carefully collected, processed and upgraded information and knowledge, and created a global network of contacts, especially experts, who complete our knowledge and skills. Our major contents source of this website as well as our other websites, thematic portals and other publishing products and services is therefore our international experience and connections.

Until now, we have offered our services only through classic advisory and training activities. Recently, we have also started to offer the first initial online products and services published by us. In terms of the content, all the products and services published by us are connected with the contents of our and other complementary areas of expertise.

The advantage is given to modern digital media. Our online content is multilingual whenever possible and can be easily seen also at various mobile devices and in all frequently used online browsers.


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