Research & Development

Our research and development activities are related to our areas of expertise and the broader areas of science that are indicated below:

  • socio-economics-business sciences (e.g. research and development connected with business and management, business-support services, entrepreneurship, new business, managerial and organizational models, collaboration and partnership approaches, media and communication, information science, innovations in services, social innovations, and similar);
  • natural sciences – informatics (e.g. development of ICT and knowledge-intelligence based business tools);
  • the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research and development.

A research on Collective Intelligence building – under preparation

A research on Collective Intelligence building intends to find out the amount of importance we place on the knowledge of individuals and how we are able to connect such knowledge into the collective intelligence. The topic is connected with an advanced level of management and the coordination of collaborative and partnership models. The research results will be included in our professional materials and publications.

Surveys refer to our expert and R & D areas and are usually only a part of our R & D activities, i.e. only one of the research methods used in the framework of individual projects.

In addition to surveys for the purpose of R & D activities, we occassionally carry out surveys to establish specific needs or the satisfaction of our users.

Third party surveys, for example ordered by our customers, are only carried out in exceptional cases.


Active Surveys

There are no active surveys at the moment.


Surveys under preparation

In the context of research on building of collective intelligence a questionnaire for managers and/or coordinators of membership-based and network organizations is under preparation.


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